Inject N Clean Delivery Tool & Cleaner System

Inject N Clean Delivery Tool & Cleaner System

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Inject N Clean is a two-part system

  1. First, an enzyme cleaner contains a trillion count of active bacteria that will "Pacman" its way through to eat the urine odor molecules and be 100% effective in a day and a half. Other odor eliminators can take up to two weeks to be 100% effective. Our odor eliminator treats the 'disease' by eating the odor molecules, competitors treat the 'system' by masking the odor smell which eventually wears off with time.
  2. As our patented one of a kind tool is delivering your favorite odor eliminator under your carpet onto the pad. If the odor eliminator you use is not effective, then, of course, the odor will still be there, but the Inject N Clean is still doing its job by delivering that odor eliminator to the right spot.

The Complete Urine Odor Removal System Includes 

  • (1) Inject N Clean Tool (Bottle Included)
  • 32oz Bottle of Urine Odor Eliminator Solution - Our solution has a trillion count of enzymes to eliminate pet urine from under your carpet. 

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