Remove Pet Urine Odor UNDER Carpet, Q&A

What is the diameter of the tool?
The diameter of our tool is 1/8th inch.
What about my carpet's warranty?
Proper use of the Inject N Clean will not void manufacturer's warranties.
Will the liquid go away?
No worries! Odor neutralizer injected between the backing of the carpet and pad will naturally evaporate.
Why does cat urine smell so bad?
Cats originated as desert dwelling animals and don't consume as much water as other mammals, this results in the cat's urine being more concentrated and the more concentrated, the stronger the urine will smell. Along with that, the urine of entire (un-neutered) male cats contains hormones which make the urine smell much stronger than that of females or neutered males. These hormones serve a purpose, they enable the tom to mark his territory, attracting females and deterring any possible competing males. As cat urine dries, bacteria break it down forming ammonia substances making the odour even more unpleasant. To avoid this, cat urine should be cleaned as quickly as possible before it begins to break down.

Use the Inject N Clean Odor Cleaning Tool and smell the difference. No method works better in removing urine odor in carpets.


Inject N Clean | Finally, A Solution That Works!

Inject N Clean is a pet urine odor removal tool used to inject your favorite enzyme solution.

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