Cat or Dog, Remove Pet Urine Odor UNDER Carpet

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Cat Pee

Need a real solution for cat pee, Inject N clean tool delivers the enzme solution where the pee goes.
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Dog Urine

Dogs may not be as odorous as cats but their amount can be significantly more. Get the solution below the carpet.
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Multi Pets

Where one goes another will follow. Learn more techniques to clean your carpet and live happy with your furry friends.
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Why You'll Love Inject N Clean:

  1. Delivers the enzyme soution where the pee goes between the carpet and the pad.
  2. Only uses enough enzyme solution to neutralize the odor.
  3. Does not void your carpet warranty.
  4. The Inject N Clean tool is re-usable on any carpet.
  5. Eliminates odors so pets will go back to their appropriate bathroon location.

Use the Inject N Clean Odor Cleaning Tool and smell the difference. No method works better in removing urine odor in carpets.


Inject N Clean | Finally, A Solution That Works!

Inject N Clean is a pet urine odor removal tool used to inject your favorite enzyme solution.

Call Inject N Clean, 800-645-4415, to purchase your Inject N Clean. Distributor calls are welcome.